Keep your confidential data safe with a Master Password

Secure as many passwords as you wish with a single strong Master Password.

What is a Master Password?

  • In simple terms, your Master Password is the key to your vault. With it, you authorize NordPass to do its function — to store, retrieve, and automatically fill in passwords for you. The Master Password lets you easily take advantage of the latest advances in cybersecurity.
  • You will be prompted to create a strong Master Password when you create a NordPass account. Make sure it’s something only you know since it will give you complete access to your password storage.

Why is the Master Password so important?

  • The Master Password is what lets the human brain keep up with the rapidly evolving cyber arms race.
  • Think about it: for the best possible security, you should use a long, unique password made up of random symbols for each account. But remembering them all is a challenge. That’s why an alarming number of internet users go with simple passwords, reuse them across multiple sites, and keep them written down on their desk for good measure.
  • With NordPass, you only need to remember a single unique password — your Master Password. Create something that only you will be able to guess and let the app generate, store, and automatically fill in all other login details.

Is it safe to keep all passwords under a single Master Password?

  • In reality, it is much safer to have one strong Master Password rather than risk developing bad habits associated with keeping abreast of hundreds of passwords.
  • We’re not talking about keeping track of one or two accounts. We’re talking about all your social media profiles, your emails, your work credentials, your internet banking, your favorite forums, and so on. It is no wonder that many people, overwhelmed by this army of login information, eventually go for convenience over security.
  • With a strong Master Password, all of the information in your NordPass vault is safe. NordPass uses Zero-knowledge architecture, which means that we don’t know your Master Password or what you have stored.

How do I set a strong, secure Master Password?

  • Traditional cybersecurity wisdom says a strong Master Password should look like a random string of numbers, letters, and symbols. Always use at least 8 characters, and never include dictionary words, place names, famous dates, or any other info that can be deduced from your background or obtained through social engineering.
  • However, the latest security recommendations include using passphrases. Creating a string of 6-7 random words is an excellent way to protect your account, especially if you swap some letters for other characters. Just remember that randomness is the key.
  • Above all, your Master Password must be unique. Do not reuse a password from any website, app, or service. If any of them compromised, criminals will have the key to your digital kingdom.

If I forget my NordPass Master Password, can I retrieve it?

  • Unfortunately, zero-knowledge architecture means that we don’t know your Master Password. But you can set a new one with your unique Recovery Code, which you will receive when you create your NordPass account.
  • Remember — we don’t store your Recovery Code for security purposes, so write it down immediately and keep it somewhere safe. If you lose it, you’ll have no way of accessing your password vault! You will still be able to reset your NordPass account, but doing so will wipe out all stored login information.

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