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Can I import my data from other password managers?

  • Yes, you can import all your saved credentials from other password managers and browser extensions to a NordPass vault.
  • NordPass automatically recognizes which browsers (currently only works with Chrome and Firefox) store your passwords and helps you transfer them in a few clicks. If you have passwords in another password manager (LastPass, 1Password, Dashlane, KeePass, or other), simply export your passwords to a CSV file. Make sure it meets NordPass’s requirements by downloading our CSV template. You can find step-by-step tutorials on transferring data in our Help Center.

What to save in your password vault?

  • The NordPass password export and import feature lets you transition between password managers seamlessly, so you can stay in control of your data the whole time. You can easily download your credentials from a browser or an app, without having to retype each of them manually. This is especially useful if you have tons of passwords you rarely use and might’ve forgotten them. Just upload the CSV file, and the logins will appear in your NordPass vault.
  • You can then enjoy all the NordPass features, such as Autosave and autofill as well as sync your passwords across multiple devices.

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