Aligning compliance with emerging technologies

Discover how emerging technologies like biometrics and passkeys are transforming user authentication. Are regulatory frameworks evolving along these advancements and what does that mean? Join our webinar, 'Aligning Compliance Frameworks with Tomorrow's Technologies,' and get insights into the future of compliance.

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Join us for a discussion about aligning compliance frameworks with tomorrow's technologies, where we explore the contemporary world of compliance. This webinar will shed light on how cutting-edge technologies such as AI and passwordless authentication are reshaping compliance requirements. With insights from experts, you’ll gain a better understanding of the current compliance landscape and security and privacy enhancing technology.

Learn all about:
  • Evolving Compliance Landscape: How new technologies are reshaping
compliance requirements and what that means for companies.

  • Passwordless Future: How the shift toward passwordless authentication 
systems aligns with or challenges current compliance standards.

  • Cross-Industry Compliance: How different industries are facing distinct 
challenges of adopting new password management technologies.

  • Balancing Security with Usability: Ensuring that the user experience in 
password management remains intuitive while meeting compliance 

Featured speakers

Faisal speaker photo
Faisal Khan

GRC Subject Matter Expert


Sigita speaker photo
Sigita Jurkynaitė

Information Security Manager

Nord Security

Adele moderator photo
Adelė Jaškūnaitė

Business Development Manager