How NordPass Business Made Password Security a Habit at DeskTime

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The internet is an inseparable part of today’s economy, and businesses across the world rely on it. It’s difficult to think of a company that could survive a day without emails, cloud portals, CRMs, online banking, and all the other perks that the internet has to offer.

Unfortunately, there’s a whole other side to the all-encompassing connectivity — it’s called security. We've all heard about huge data breaches amounting to hundreds of millions in fines. In today's risk-riddled online environment, businesses must take all the necessary precautions if they want to thrive.

DeskTime is one of the companies that use NordPass in an effort to fortify not only corporate password security but also boost the entire company’s security posture. Today, DeskTime is sharing first-hand experiences with NordPass and discussing the overall importance of cybersecurity.

DeskTime – time management software for teams and freelancers

DeskTime is an international IT company that develops and provides its customers with state-of-the-art desktop and mobile time management software for teams and freelancers. The product includes powerful features for productivity measurement, attendance tracking, and effective workflow management. The company’s CMO Ugis notes that, while their product allows to account for productivity effectively, it also serves another purpose. It helps managers to see whether any employees are overworking and address such issues instead of allowing the employee to burn out.

The company serves a large array of customers with differing needs. Due to the COVID-19 lockdowns and managers’ need to maintain their workforce effectiveness, DeskTime has experienced a significant rise in new customers.

As a consequence of that customer influx, DeskTime found itself handling more customer data than ever before. Thus, the need to reinforce cybersecurity throughout the company arose naturally.

Cybersecurity and password management prior to NordPass

DeskTime has been in business for a decade. Over that time, the company always took cybersecurity seriously and diligently. However, a couple of years ago DeskTime experienced a phishing attack on their WordPress blog site. Because the hacked password was reused multiple times for other sites, it opened the way for a phishing attack on the WordPress blog site.

Here, it is important to note that phishing attacks are the most common form of cyber attack that businesses face, as reported in the Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report. The attack was handled properly, and DeskTime avoided any serious consequences. However, this was a call to action.

Ugis admits that, prior to deploying NordPass, DeskTime did not have the best password security habits. Some of the passwords were kept in plain text, while others were protected by employees' personal password managers, Apple’s keychain, or Google’s password manager. In short, the whole thing wasn’t organized properly and securely, and the company wanted a unified solution. This is where the need for a password manager arose.

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Why NordPass

DeskTime reveals that, when the time came to get a corporate password management solution, there were three major factors that made them choose NordPass. The initial suggestion came from an employee who was using NordPass Premium for personal use and recommended trying it out. Ugis noted the other three reasons:

  • Easy implementation. It took no time to deploy it for daily use within the company. Export and import was easy – boom and done. We were using the new solutions as if nothing had changed.

  • Secure password sharing. It made things within the company significantly easier and more secure. Now all employees have secure access to any credentials they might need.

  • Price-quality. NordPass offers an astonishing array of security features and tools. And, if you think about the costs of a data breach, NordPass is more than worth the money.

NordPass: enables the habit of password security in business

Ugis notes that, after deploying NordPass within the company, password security has become a habit for everyone in the organization. Secure password sharing is the hit feature in the company as it saves so much time and frustration for everyone involved. The ability to sync passwords across multiple devices allows the staff to have instant access to all company-related credentials wherever they are.

Ugis also highlights Password Health and Breach Scanner as amazing security features. Password Health provides a clear insight into the company’s password habits. It can showcase any weak, reused, or old passwords and inform you where the company needs to step up. The Data Breach Scanner is designed to let businesses know whether any of their sensitive data has been exposed in a breach.

Ugis says that, for some time now, the company has been reliant on NordPass to maintain secure password habits. For a company dealing with large amounts of third-party data that has to be protected at all times, NordPass has been the solution that they’d been looking for.

If you are interested in what NordPass can bring to your company, do not hesitate to schedule a demo call with our representative. We look forward to helping you foster better password security at your company today and bringing peace of mind to your staff.

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