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Nowadays, the IT and technology industry dominates the business world, mostly thanks to the internet. And while the world wide web enables the incredible growth within the industry, it also introduces risks. That’s why cybersecurity is now an inseparable part of the IT and technology industry.

More businesses than ever are taking the time to invest in cybersecurity measures, yet employees, as well as employers, still exhibit poor password habits that weaken companies’ overall security and puts it at risk. Just last year, there were 3,932 publicly reported breach incidents. A large quantity of those were related to poor password hygiene, and, in 2019, the FBI Internet Crime Complaint Center estimated that the sheer mass of password-related complaints they received cost organizations $2.1 billion.

Even the IT & technology industry struggles with password security

NordPass, in collaboration with a third-party company specializing in data breach research, has recently taken a deeper look at the password habits of Fortune 500 companies. Unfortunately, the study revealed that password hygiene and the knowledge surrounding password security is still a challenge even for the largest and most successful companies out there.

When it comes to the IT and technology industry, the analysis revealed a few alarming trends that companies should be looking to improve. One such trend is that companies within an industry that should be acutely aware of cybersecurity risks only had 28% of unique passwords. Worse yet, the word “password” was the most popular password among IT and technology enterprises.

Fortunately, some companies have been stepping up as they internalize the importance of password security and cybersecurity as a whole. Today, we’re meeting Simas, an account manager at Evergrowth, to speak about business cybersecurity and more. He is sharing why the company chose NordPass Business, how it stumbled upon the solution, what made it work for the company, and what’s lying ahead.

Meet Evergrowth

Evergrowth is an international consulting company that advises businesses of all sizes on data-driven sales strategies and their implementations. Founded 4 years ago, Evergrowth has already helped more than 60 companies in building and scaling specialized sales teams. The company specializes in account-based selling, lead research, and data-driven sales.

Simas says that, from the very beginning, the company had already internalized the importance of business cybersecurity. One of the main reasons for that is that Evergrowth has access to vast amounts of data that their customers provide. “Having a strong cybersecurity foundation within the company such as ours is the only way to succeed,” Simas notes. That’s why Evergrowth took steps to educate employees about cybersecurity and invested in security solutions that would secure the sensitive data they are dealing with on a daily basis. Thus, deploying a password manager for company-wide use was the next logical step for Evergrowth.

Why NordPass entered the picture

According to Simas, it was the functionality, price-quality relationship, and ability to tackle specific cybersecurity issues that made the company opt for NordPass Business over any other corporate password management solution.

Convenience in a business setting

Another thing that the company wanted to tackle was secure password sharing within the company. NordPass not only makes sharing passwords secure but also enables organization owners to manage access to company passwords. The Admin Panel offers a single place where Evergrowth can easily add, suspend, or remove users. There’s another handy feature for a business: once the admin changes a password, it is instantly updated for all users within the organization. For a company like Evergrowth, a password manager serves simultaneously as a security and efficiency tool.

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Life with NordPass Business

Smooth onboarding

Getting started with NordPass Business was easy. Simas recalls that the demo call was clear and to the point. He adds that it took less than two weeks to deploy the password manager to the entire company and get everyone on the same page with the help of NordPass’s support team.

Features essential for a secure Business

Deploying a password manager for business has made a lot of things easier at Evergrowth. “This is what we were looking for,” Simas says. “Features such as Password Generator, which comes up with unique and strong passwords, autofill, which saves us a lot of time, and secure sharing are essential in a company environment.”

Intuitive user interface

Thanks to the smooth user interface, Evergrowth’s team had little to no trouble using NordPass. An intuitive interface, combined with a smooth and clear onboarding, makes for a great user experience. The only issue Simas remembers the company to have encountered was a lost Master Password. But the problem was quickly fixed by the support team once the company reached out to it. Simas notes: “I highly appreciate and recommend using the NordPass Help Center if there’s any problem. If I want to communicate my issues to a real person, all I have to do is fill in a support request form. Their ability to explain everything in a straightforward way makes it easier for everyone involved.”

What’s been missing and what’s on the way

After using NordPass Business for some time, Evergrowth has shared some valuable feedback. As we spoke with Simas, he addressed one of the things the company has missed — the ability to share an entire folder of passwords with any given NordPass member. They spoke and we’ve heard. The features known as Folder Sharing as well as password sharing in bulk are already in the works and will likely see the light of day later this year.

What has changed

Once Evergrowth adopted NordPass Business, the outlook on password security and how easy it can be has changed within the company. According to Simas, the team the company hires are much more aware of what a complex password is and why it is essential to update passwords regularly.

For a company that deals with large quantities of data, NordPass Business has been a cybersecurity solution they’d been looking for. Simas says that today, all Evergrowth’s employees rely on NordPass to securely share and store company-related passwords and information on a daily basis.

If you are looking for a password management solution for your business, do not hesitate to contact us and arrange a demo call during which we will answer all your questions. Let NordPass help you with business security.

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