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Make Your Digital Life Easier with NordPass

Chad Hammond

With millions of internet users still relying on short, weak passwords, cybercriminals have never had it easier. That’s why NordPass uses powerful algorithms to combine letters, numbers, and symbols, ensuring that every created password is both unique and completely randomized.

Built on industry-leading technology and security protocols, NordPass is a simple solution for all your password needs. The service aims to streamline and simplify the login process for all your accounts while offering new levels of privacy and security.

So how does NordPass work, and will it make your life online easier?

Simplify your online experience in three steps

  1. Save your login

    Once you’ve created your NordPass account, you can save your first login. Open your vault, click Add Item and Add Login. Give your item a title and add a username, password, and any other notes. Click Save to finish.

  2. Add browser extension

    Our extension is available on a variety of browsers. You can add NordPass to Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Edge, Brave, and Safari. Once it’s installed, you can save your login credentials automatically with a single click.

  3. Log in with NordPass

    Go to your selected website and click on the NordPass icon next to your username or password. Select your login credentials and enjoy an easy and secure login process.


How does NordPass make life online easier?

NordPass keeps your browsing experience simple and stress-free. Here are three ways in which NordPass can make life on the internet easier.

No more forgotten passwords

There are two oversights that make your private accounts vulnerable to attacks: picking a weak password and using it for multiple accounts. It’s understandable, too — few people have experienced a serious hack, but almost everybody has dealt with the inconvenience of forgetting a password. So when presented with a choice, many choose simple, easy-to-remember passwords over security.

With NordPass, you don’t have to choose. The service will create long, complex passwords, which can be stored securely and auto-filled later. That means you can have the longest, most obtuse password available, without ever having to remember it. Forget about forgotten passwords — they’re a thing of the past.

Save more than just passwords

With NordPass, you can securely save a range of sensitive information, including credit card details. From online payments to registration forms and delivery details, NordPass can take care of it all, offering an easier, simpler internet experience.

Of course, you wouldn’t want to give your credit card information to just anyone. That’s why NordPass will never be able to view your numbers. Your data is for your eyes only, so we’ll lock it inside an online vault wrapped in layers of industry-leading encryption.

Saving time means saving your passwords, payment information, and personal data. Save yourself the trouble of forgotten logins, complex forms, and over-complicated checkouts.

Prevent hacking before it happens

The easiest way for a hacker to break into your account is by using a brute-force attack. This involves credential stuffing — cycling through millions of possible passwords until a match is found. The simpler the password, the faster the brute-forcing algorithm can find it.

NordPass can proactively protect against brute-force attacks by generating long, complicated passwords that even the best credential-stuffing software will struggle to guess. The service can create as many login credentials as you need, ensuring that every account can be protected with a different password.

If hackers gain access to your account, you can suffer identity theft, have personal data exposed, and even lose money directly. That’s a headache you don’t need: let NordPass stop the hack before it happens.

Simple and secure: start with NordPass.

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