How NordPass Business Helps Nacero to Stay One Step Ahead of a Data Breach

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The recent Colonial Pipeline breach took down the largest fuel pipeline in the US, consequently leading to gas shortages and a radical price increase. The hack, which was a result of a single compromised password, put the entire energy industry on notice. It also served as a stark reminder that cybersecurity is a fact of modern life that can’t be thought away.

Today, we’re talking to Lorna Barnhart, a Systems Integration Manager at Nacero, about all things cybersecurity and how NordPass Business helps the organization maintain a strong security posture in times when cybercrime is on the rise.

Poor password hygiene plagues the energy industry

NordPass’s recent research of password habits of Fortune 500 companies found that even the largest companies around the world struggle with proper password security.

The in-depth research revealed that the percentile of unique passwords stands at only 28% within the energy industry. But what’s even more alarming is that the industry’s most popular password was — unfortunately and shockingly — “password”. Here are the top 20 worst passwords in the energy industry:

Nacero — accelerating a lower carbon future

Nacero is a US-based company that reimagines how we produce and consume fuel. The company’s aim according to Lorna Barnhart is to foster cleaner fuel products for everyday drivers. With the help of cutting-edge technology and facilities that are designed to run on renewable energy, the company is looking to produce retail-grade gasoline from natural gas without the harmful byproducts of crude oil refining.

Cybersecurity at Nacero

For Nacero and its investors, cybersecurity is of extreme importance. Lorna notes that the company is always on the lookout to improve their overall security posture with innovative cybersecurity technologies and tools.

When asked about the main reasons for adopting a password manager for company-wide use, Lorna says that a major factor was the Colonial Pipeline breach. Another reason was password fatigue. Simply put, the team was frustrated and overwhelmed by the number of passwords they had to remember, and there was no unified way of securely storing them all.

Why NordPass?

Lorna names ease of use as the primary factor for choosing NordPass Business. Since the staff’s computer literacy level differs quite a bit, NordPass seemed like the obvious choice due to its smooth and intuitive user interface (UI) and straightforward functionality. Lorna Barnhart says that one of the key features everyone at the company loves is autosave.

As she puts it, “That little pop-up window that automatically saves passwords just makes everything so easy you don’t need to do the entry of that new password — it just makes everything so seamless.”

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No more password frustration at Nacero

Lorna says that once Nacero deployed NordPass Business within the company, password management became a whole lot easier and much more secure. The onboarding process was quick and easy. Lorna recalls that the staff adopted the solution without any issues thanks to its intuitive UI. Ever since NordPass became a part of Nacero, password fatigue and stress have disappeared. Features such as Password Health and Data Breach Scanner allow the company to fortify its cybersecurity even more.

One of the features that Lorna enjoys personally is the ability to securely store other sensitive information in an encrypted NordPass vault along with login credentials. The added bonus is having access to it all across multiple devices even when offline.

Lorna says that she would definitely recommend NordPass to other companies that seek to improve their password security. The price-quality ratio is great especially when it comes to all the features and tools that NordPass brings to the table.

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