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NordPass Authenticator is a unique feature that generates one-time passwords directly in your NordPass vault. It gives you all the security of two-factor authentication without an extra app.

Two-factor authentication (2FA) is the talk of the town in the corporate world for a reason. As the risk of passwords getting stolen, hacked, or guessed via brute-force attacks is ever-increasing, 2FA offers an additional layer of security to your accounts. In other words, 2FA protects accounts that would otherwise rely on passwords, typically weak ones, as their sole authentication method. So even if cybercriminals were to access your passwords, they’d be faced with an additional barrier to jump over.

However, while 2FA is quickly becoming the new standard, adding an extra step to the login process remains a stumbling block for many. Setting up two-factor solutions can be clunky, confusing, and time-consuming, appearing as more of a challenge than a convenience for employees. And employees’ annoyance isn’t just damaging to morale – it presents a serious security risk.

Cybercriminals can exploit this vulnerability with brute-force attacks. They send one second-factor request after another until users, out of exasperation or uncertainty, end up authenticating an unauthorized access request. This technique, known as MFA fatigue, was a key component in the 2023 Caesars and MGM casinos breach.

How can businesses implement two-factor authentication while avoiding its pitfalls?

NordPass Authenticator offers a simpler way to protect accounts with two-factor authentication. In a leap toward a passwordless future, NordPass patented the Stateless System To Protect Data (US Patent No. 11,528,130). This solution combines the highest security standards without compromising usability by offering multiple authentication factors within a single app.

What is NordPass Authenticator?

NordPass Authenticator is a feature that lets your organization’s members add an extra layer of security to their accounts with two-factor authentication without downloading or checking additional apps.

How does NordPass Authenticator work?

With the Authenticator, NordPass performs a double task – in addition to managing passwords, it acts as an authentication app, providing two-factor codes for any credentials stored in the vault.

If the account has 2FA switched on, you’re prompted to enter a time-based one-time password (TOTP) to unlock the account during each login attempt. NordPass members can securely unlock the verification code inside NordPass using their biometric data. That way, they don’t need to rely on authentication methods like text messages, which are prone to smishing attacks, or third-party apps like Google Authenticator or Authy.

What problems does NordPass Authenticator solve?

NordPass Authenticator helps resolve the challenges of adding an additional security layer to employee accounts. It also addresses some of the most common usability issues and vulnerabilities seen in other 2FA solutions.

Setting up two-factor authentication with TOTPs in NordPass includes benefits such as:

  • Providing phishing-resistant authentication.

  • Preventing “MFA fatigue” for credentials managed by NordPass.

  • Eliminating the need to download and manage third-party software.

  • Allowing users to add 2FA to all accounts, including those with shared passwords.

What makes NordPass Authenticator better?

Stronger security

Two-factor authentication is not just an extra step to access your accounts. It needs to be completely distinct from the first factor – in this instance, the password – and involve a different authentication type.

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The most common authentication factors can be split into three categories:

  1. Something you have – a possession factor, such as a device or token.

  2. Something you know – a knowledge factor, such as a password or TOTP.

  3. Something you are – an inherence factor or a biometric factor, such as a fingerprint or facial recognition.

Imagine you require both a key and a fob for additional security to enter your office. These two “authenticators” use the same technique to open the door – they’re something you have. If, in addition to falling under the same “factor” category, the key and the fob are attached to each other or are always stored in the same place, this security method is no more secure than the key alone. It gives the illusion of additional security without the actual benefit.

Cybersecurity works much in the same way. The password is a common “first factor.” If your second factor also falls under the “something you know” category and is stored alongside your first factor – say, in a password manager – then it doesn’t meet the 2FA security standards. That’s because the first and second factors share the same path for entry: Your master password.

Using patented technology, NordPass has overcome this limitation and delivers all the security benefits of a true second factor in the easiest and most accessible way possible.

NordPass combines something you know (your Master Password) with authentication through something you are (fingerprint or Face ID) on something you have (your device) to unlock the time-based one-time password. Combining multiple factors leads to a higher security standard and genuine second-factor authentication that’s more than just two-step verification.

More convenience

Many businesses are already overwhelmed by apps. The trend of perpetual software adoption has accelerated with the popularity of remote and hybrid work options. The last thing your peers and the IT team need is one more application whose sole purpose is generating time-based one-time passwords.

NordPass generates the codes for you without the hassle of using another authentication app. NordPass Authenticator helps improve cross-team collaboration by allowing members to share passwords that have second-factor authentication – no more two-factor code sharing on unencrypted chats or spreadsheets. Once you share a password, the recipient can unlock the TOTP code using biometrics on their device, saving time and effort and maintaining security measures intact.

Say goodbye to the hassle of sharing access to 2FA-protected accounts. From now on, your team can easily grant access with just a couple of clicks without compromising your company’s security. When it comes to security software, convenience isn’t just “nice to have” – it means the difference between your team adopting the solution or not.

Better transparency

Managing two-factor authentication inside your password management app offers more transparency and control over your cybersecurity. First, it allows you to verify whether your team members are using 2FA and for which accounts. This allows your organization to perform a more accurate audit of account and credential security, helping it turn policy into practice in a tangible way.

Second, it lets you maintain control and consistency over mandatory workplace app usage. Otherwise, your team would likely adopt a hodgepodge of different authenticator apps, preventing your organization from enforcing tailor-made security protocols and training materials.

Who can use NordPass Authenticator?

NordPass Authenticator is available on the browser extension and mobile devices with all tiers of business accounts. This User Guide provides more information on how to add our built-in authenticator to your business accounts.

And if you’re yet to check out what NordPass has to offer, go ahead and start your free 14-day trial today. Alongside NordPass Authenticator, you’ll access other security-focused features for a more convenient work experience, including Password Health, Email Masking, Data Breach Scanner, and secure sharing.

With NordPass, you can take your organizational security to the next level without compromising productivity and efficiency.

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