Quick and secure access with biometric authentication

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What is biometric authentication?

Biometric authentication is a security measure that identifies you by unique physical data, like your fingerprint or voice. A biometric authentication device can scan this data to grant you access to protected content. It essentially serves as a lock or a password.

Why use biometrics?

  • Biometric authentication is one of the most secure and convenient ways to protect your data. With a biometric fingerprint scanner, you don’t have to memorize complicated passwords. Besides, there’s very little chance of your print falling into the wrong hands.
  • At NordPass, you can choose to replace the Master Password with your fingerprint. Enable biometric authentication for NordPass on macOS, Windows, Android or iOS devices and replace your Master Password with your fingerprint. After all, the strongest password that you've got is you.

Where are biometrics used?

Over the past few years, different industries have widely adopted the biometric technology. From unlocking your phone and making payments to airport security, it’s become a trusted protection measure across the board.

What are the types of biometric authentication?

Biometric authentication can use a broad range of physical data. It can include your face, fingerprints, iris, voice, even palm veins or heartbeat. So far, the most common type of authentication is the biometric fingerprint reader - nearly every new mobile device is equipped with one.

How does biometric authentication work?

The biometric fingerprint reader on your mobile device uses special sensors. They detect the differences in electrical conductivity on the surface of your finger. To enable biometric authentication for NordPass, go to your phone’s settings and give the app permission to scan fingerprints.

Is biometric authentication safe?

Biometric authentication is very safe. It’s way more difficult to crack than passwords, especially weak ones. And there’s no chance that someone will steal it after seeing you type it out in public.

Does it ensure privacy?

Biometric authentication ensures that your sensitive data is completely private. Just like a password, your fingerprint works like a key to access your personal information. Only you can see the content inside.

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