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  • Securely store unlimited passwords and access them instantly across multiple devices. Start the 30-day free trial and take advantage of all the Premium has to offer.
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Escape the password reset loop

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NordPass Free offers more than your average free password manager. Unlike other free services, NordPass Free puts no limit on the number of passwords or personal information you can keep, and you can also sync it across multiple devices. NordPass allows you to set up automated backups or import data from other password managers. And don’t forget the autofill feature, which saves your time while you shop online or log in to your favorite online accounts.

Top-tier security for free

We employ the xChaCha2o encryption algorithm along with the Aargon2 key derivation function to keep everything in your NordPass vault tightly locked. Everything you store in NordPass is protected by a Master Password created by you. For an extra security layer, enable 2FA or biometrics on the mobile app and enjoy a stress-free online experience.

Designed for ease of use

Easy one-click access

  • Enjoy the internet without typing another password. With our free password manager, save your login details and autofill them with a click when logging in to your favorite online accounts.
  • Shop online hassle-free. Add your credit cards to NordPass and instantly autofill them when making a purchase.

More than just passwords

  • Safely store credit cards, secure notes, and personal info along with passwords in your NordPass vault and have secure access to everything that matters.
  • Separate work from pleasure. Use folders and organize your items to access them quickly and easily.

Take it anywhere, anytime

  • Sync your NordPass vault across multiple devices and always have your passwords on hand. The NordPass app is available on Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, and iOS.
  • Get the NordPass extension for your browser and use the autofill and autosave features to save time online. You can add the extension on all popular browsers, such as Google Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Brave, Opera and Safari.

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